January… always a month of mixed emotions. The holidays have now come to a close, which has left me feeling a bit blue. But as I have found is usually the case in life, these blues leave space for introspection and intention. I find I can stir up excitement even in the cold, dark days of winter if set my mind to something. (Although it’s possible that the act of planning and thinking isn’t as exciting for everyone as it is for me. Hello, INFJ here.) That being said, here are some of my intentions for this coming year…

  • Be kinder – If you know me, you know this isn’t a new intention, but world could use a little more kindness these days, so I’m doubling down on it again this year. The difference? I’m including myself in it. I’m perpetually my own worst critic and I have a nasty habit of negative internal self-talk. So this year I’m going to try and call it quits. Perfection can take a hike.
  • Simplify – Again, not new for me, but there’s always room for more and it takes practice. I’m going to focus on purchasing less and going more ethical and sustainable when I do. There’s a move coming down the pike, so that alone is a good reason to get rid of some junk.
  • Say no – As a self-proclaimed perfectionist and people pleaser I’m vowing here and now to saying no this year. I’m a helper… chronically. And an overachiever to boot. Which is great until you realize that taking care of yourself is so far down your to-do list that you’ll never get to it in a million years. Need a volunteer for that thing next week? Sure! I’ll be there before AND after everyone else, too! Need a food item for a potluck at school? Yeah, I’ll do it, and it will be healthy, homemade, and I’ll include an ingredients card for people with allergies, just in case! People often ask me how I do it all and I shrug and laugh it off like it’s no big deal… but the truth is it’s easy if you ignore yourself and your own needs. So in 2018 I’m teaching myself to dial it back. Self-care or bust!
  • Practice patience – As a parent it seems like I never have enough patience. By 5pm it’s usually worn so thin I find myself yelling at the kids for being kids and wanting to hide in my room. This year I’m going to try and do better. It will take practice and hard work, but the payoff is huge if I can manage it. I’m also in hopes that if I’m less overcommitted (from saying no!) and I’ve found time to care for myself then this intention will be more attainable than I think.
  • Be present – I already mentioned I’m a planner… and not just a planner, but a bit of a creative daydreamer, as well. I feel like I spend a lot of my time with my head either in the clouds or in my daily planner and it doesn’t leave much time for being right here, right now. I need to set aside some time everyday to dream and plan so that when the kids are home I can feel like I have the time to truly be present with them. I don’t want to trade today for the future. These little people will only be little for a short while and I don’t want to miss it.

That’s it. Five intentions that I’m sure will be more complicated to tackle than they seem. All good things are.

What about you? Do you set intentions for a year? Resolutions? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear!

Happy new year!


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