Hall Closet Cleanout

As you all know, I was feeling pretty good about the way our room turned out after my big declutter sesh. Next up on the list… The hall closet {insert scary, dramatic music}.


Yikes… Every time I open this door I cringe at the sight of all the stuff just haphazardly shoved in there. It actually wasn’t that long ago that I went through this very closet and organized it. I even got rid of some stuff. But here we are… maybe 8 months later and it once again looks like a bomb went off. I’m taking that as a sign that I didn’t get rid of enough the last time around. Well I’m not going to let that happen again…

First, some background – this closet houses linens for all the beds in our home, along with towels for the master bathroom and towels for guests (kid towels are under their bathroom sink). It’s also where we keep dirty laundry so that it’s convenient for everyone, as well as random things that don’t have a home, like our flashlights, extra cords, sunscreen (I don’t even know why), extra tissues, HVAC filters, and nitrile gloves (if you have kids, you probably understand the multitude of reasons these might be useful… like fishing things out of the toilet that your kid may or may not have just pooped in).


Upon digging in, I came across several things that I knew I could immediately get rid of. These included things like five or six crib sheets (since neither of the kids are in a crib anymore), a set of double sheets (we don’t even have a double bed!), old throw pillows (the feather down was coming out everywhere and the covers were quite dirty even after washing… thanks kids), a bag full of old birthday party decorations, an extra mattress pad (both of our queen mattresses already have pads) and some expired sunscreen.

Then there was other stuff that required a little bit of thinking. I knew for a fact that we did not need all of the towels in there. We never even use 90% of them. But how many is appropriate? I decided on two sets of towels for the master bath, so we could have one set while the others are in the wash. That’s four bath towels, two hand towels, and two wash cloths (since I’m the only one who uses them). As for guests, I decided to keep a set of four each bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths. Our house can barely accommodate four guests, but it has happened before, so it seemed like a good number… Just enough to be safe. The rest of the towels will go into the garage for car work purposes. I also kept enough sheets to have an extra set for each bed, although we are actually short a few fitted sheets. We haven’t been missing them, so I suppose it’s just fine the way it is. I moved the sunscreen to the {more appropriate} kid bathroom, and then came a few tougher decisions…

I still had the twin xl quilt that was in my dorm room during my first and second years in college. It was on Piper’s bed for a while before she moved into a queen, but now it’s just sitting here. And while I still like it, we’re getting ready to redecorate Piper’s room and it definitely won’t go with the new decor, so I decided to let it go. There was also a queen size quilt from Anthropologie in here. It used to be in our room and I adored it at the time, but I’m much more drawn to neutral colors these days, so I know we won’t use it again. In lieu of getting rid of it, I decided to keep it for the guest bed (AKA pull out couch), which has built in storage underneath it. Currently there is a different quilt in there, so out that one goes instead.

The basket of cords will have to wait for another day since I have zero clue what any of them do and will need Sam’s assistance, but it will stay in the closet since I have nowhere else to put it. Same with the flashlights, tissues, handy dandy nitrile gloves, and HVAC filters. Anyone want to see the finished product?


Amazing, am I right?! I even made room for the kids’ sleeping bags! Who knew that a closet this organized and full of space was even possible… It’s amazing, with every step of this journey I become filled with more fire for it. I’m sure it will be challenging at times, but I sure am enjoying the ride right now!

So what do you think? Would you have done anything differently? Are you on this journey as well? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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