Master Bathroom Refresh

Our most recent home project has been our comically small master bathroom. When we first moved in I was bummed about its seriously tiny size, especially since we moved from a house with a pretty large master bath. It was a kind of rough transition at first, but I’ve come to be so grateful for this little guy. Having a smaller space means it’s a lot harder for us to accumulate more stuff. There simply isn’t anywhere to put it. It also means it takes almost no time to clean, which is a definite plus. That being said, it’s been in need of some love ever since we moved in, but since no one else sees it it’s been easy to put off. Not anymore though!

I may have started this refresh about a year ago, but I never came close to finishing it, so a couple of weeks ago we decided to finish it once and for all. So here’s a quick run through of everything we did–

  • We started by painting over the baby blue walls with Sherwin Williams’ “alabaster.”  It’s a nice bright white, but it’s not stark, which can be a hard balance to find.
  • We finished up the faux shiplap behind the mirror and toilet. I love shiplap because it gives plain white a bit of interest and texture.
  • We took down the old shower door and replaced it with a simple rod and curtain. The rod is painted galvanized steel and I made the curtain out of white cotton gauze.
  • The existing light fixture had good bones, so I opted to paint it black and replace the sconces, which saved us a good bit of money.
  • We replaced the old medicine cabinet with a regular mirror. We moved our medicines to the cubbies above the toilet. I wanted to do this to make the space feel bigger. Every time I bent down to wash my face I would be mere inches from the medicine cabinet. A flat mirror just works better, in my opinion.
  • I got the black shelf under the mirror in order to keep stuff off the tiny counter top.
  • We got a new oil rubbed bronze faucet to replace the old silver one.
  • I added the trim to the faux drawer and cabinet doors to give them a classic shaker look.
  • We replaced all the hooks on the walls with wooden and iron accented ones (one next to the sink for the hand towel and two near the door for the bath towels).
  • We replaced the old built in toilet paper holder with a simple black and wood one.
  • We took down the boring (not to mention cheap) shelves above the toilet and replaced them with the square cubbies and long basket for a little more interest. I added the Picasso print for a cheeky (har har!) little flare.
  • We took the regular door down and installed an antique barn door. This is my favorite thing about our room now! The door adds so much character, and gives us a lot of extra space in the bathroom.
  • I added a few plants, and voila!

Links to sources are listed below!




Shelf under mirror

Towel hooks

Hand towel

Toilet paper holder


Black hanging basket


Barn door hardware

Door – purchased locally, Dickinson Avenue Antiques

Plants – purchased locally, Plant and See Nursery

Cubby baskets – purchased locally, Plant and See Nursery

Thank for checking it out, y’all!



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