Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Ahh, fall… Sweaters, boots, changing leaves, pumpkin spice everything… right? Well, in the south only one of those things is a reality, the others are things we wish would we could enjoy. Or worse, we attempt to enjoy and then we turn into a sweaty mess by 2pm. If I’m honest with myself, there are actually very few days in September and October that call for sweaters and boots all day, and depending on where you live the leaves tend to go straight from green and on the trees to brown and on the ground.

This year, with a renewed determination to live and enjoy every day for what it is, I’m going to try my hardest to embrace the warmth we southerners are lucky enough to enjoy longer than most. As such, my fall wardrobe may look a little different than you might expect, and it definitely looks different from someone who lives further north than I do. I tried to include lots of light layers that can be shed as the day warms up, and replaced as the evening cools down again. To fill the void in my heart for sweaters and boots (of which there are only a few), I skewed the color palate in a definite fall direction. A white tank top says summer, but a tank top in a nice saturated terra cotta can say fall instead. In the mornings and evenings I can throw on a light sweater or jacket and be comfortable all day long. One thing you might notice immediately is that there are almost 10 more items in this wardrobe than my summer wardrobe. I always find that spring and fall require more pieces than summer and winter because they’re transition seasons, so you need to be ready for just about everything.

Here’s the breakdown. My fall wardrobe consists of 40 items–

  • 2 tank tops
  • 3 short sleeve shirts
  • 5 long sleeve shirts
  • 2 pull over sweaters
  • 2 cardigans
  • 7 dresses / tunics
  • 4 pairs of pants
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 pair of overalls
  • 4 jackets
  • 9 pairs of shoes

In case you’re curious, 10 items were rolled over from my summer capsule, 20 were pulled from storage, and a staggering 10 items are either newly purchased or made. I typically do not purchase this much, but as I mentioned in my summer recap I was seriously lacking in the fall wardrobe department. New items are marked with a star. 

And one more thing… my capsule never includes loungewear or athletic wear. I keep those things separate. So in case all you mamas out there think you can’t do this because you don’t want to get rid of your black leggings and comfy tees – not to worry! I still own those things, too!

Alright, on to the photos!

Terra cotta tank* – Madewell

Black tank – Julie Billiart, old

Black knotted tee* – Madewell

White Tee – Loft

Black “Love & Ice Cream” Tee – Wildfox, old


Heathered cream 3/4 sleeve – Anthro

Red stripe tee – Madewell, old

Black and white stripe tee* – Target

Rust tee* – Target

Chambray button up – Cloth and Stone, old


Ecru pullover – Madewell, old

Grey tunic – Julie Billiart, old


Thin cream sweater – Loft, old

Long cream cardigan* – Madewell

 Puce tunic – Free People, old

Red linen* – Handmade, pattern (color is English Rose)

Orange fox print- ASOS, old

Rust floral print – Free People, old

Oatmeal linen – Sondeflor

Black cross back – Anthro, old

Black linen – TJMaxx, old


Distressed denim – Madewell, old

Wide left cropped denim – Madewell

Dark denim – Madewell

Black denim – Seven for All Mankind, old

Black linen skirt* – Handmade, pattern


Denim sweatshirt jacket – Target, old

Tan rain jacket – Madewell, super old

Black cropped jacket – Free People, old

Green army jacket – TJMaxx, old


Brown boots* – Madewell

Black boots – Franco Sarto, old

Burgundy boots – Old Navy, old

Camel clogs – Sven, different color

T-strap clogs – Old Navy, old

Scalloped clogs* – Sandgrens

Brown flats – Target, old

Black flats – Free People, old

Rose flats – Sevilla Smith

You may have noticed I listed a pair of overalls up top, but they aren’t pictured. That’s because I haven’t exactly made them yet. I found a pattern that I adore from the same site I found the patterns for the red dress and black skirt, now I’m just waiting on the rust colored linen to be restocked, hopefully soon! I’ll definitely keep y’all in the loop as I go through that process!

I thought I would give you guys a peek into my most turned to accessories, as well, just for fun! Scarves and hats can give you a way to mix up an outfit and give it a different feel. I’m kind of obsessed with hats, in case you haven’t noticed… Not that I have that many, but I wear them often!

Windowpane cape scarf – Madewell, old

Mauve scarf – Bevello, old

Brown hat – Target, old

Black hat – Francesca’s, old

None of my capsules have ever been 100% perfect and I’m sure this one won’t be either, but I’m excited about what I’ve got to play with here. Between layering pieces under dresses, or over dresses, and mix and matching tops with different kinds of bottoms I’m already envisioning so many awesome outfits! I hope y’all will keep an eye on my IG stories for lots of day-to-day insights on what I’m wearing and how I’m keeping things fresh!

I hope this post has been helpful to you if you’re thinking about starting this process yourself. Or not. Maybe you just need some wardrobe inspiration. Either way, wherever you are and whoever you are, I hope this post has been worth your time. 

I feel like this post was forever long, so thank you for sticking it out to the end! I love y’all to the moon and back! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Introduce yourself, I’d love to know more about you and your journey.



8 thoughts on “Fall Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Love it all!! I have been attempting go purge a bit in the clothing department and then I end up with weird things that don’t have a matchy matchy friend haha this definitely helped me… I have too much print I think 🙈 Too many patterns together ha… well anyways this was great and I can’t wait to see how you wear it all ☺️


  2. I so enjoyed reading this and the beautiful photos were lovely! It was also nice to read because, like Texas, Hawaii isn’t very “Fall-ish” during the typical Fall months! Gave me inspiration for my own wardrobe 🙂


    1. Thank, RM!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I really tried to make it work for my real life. It’s going to be 85 today, so… 😂


  3. Love this! Your style is always on point. I’m finding it super hard right now to spark any sort of joy in my wardrobe. Nursing friendly clothes are not the most fashionable 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry I’m just now seeing this! Agreed, it’s such a hard thing to manage… at least there are some companies starting to realize that nursing moms still want to look good. Roolee boutique has a whole line of nursing friendly clothes and I’ve seen others popping up. But also, you don’t want to go spending a bunch of money on clothes that won’t necessarily fit you for very long. It’s such a catch 22.!


  4. Such a great post, love the pics too! It’s still HOT over here as well, but I’m going to attempt putting together my first capsule next month. Thanks for the inspiration, friend!! XO


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